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Back to back Tiamats Trounced!!!
Feb 28, 09 11:33 PM
King Vinegaroon Evaporated!
Feb 28, 09 11:25 PM
2 Aspidochelones 1 week!
Feb 28, 09 11:21 PM
Wyrm King Astonished!
Jan 19, 09 3:13 PM

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                             Welcome to Cabelas HNMls

    Welcome everyone to Cabelas, a Ragnarok server end game link shell.


Back to back Tiamats Trounced!!!

Paimeii-Cabelas, Feb 28, 09 11:33 PM.
Wonderfull job everyone involved over the past week to put in the long hours and dedication it takes to kill Tiamat. The first fight was a long battle lasting over 3hrs due to a terrible time of day pop and only a single paladin! A grueling battle after 37hours of camping led to victory but no gaiters. The second Tia was much kinder showing up after only 13hrs into window and the fight showed much improvement. A 15man Tiamat is something all should be proud of even if again the fight neared 3 hrs. Congratulations to everyone involved when after an avatar kill of all things Gaiters finally dropped. Congratulations to both Ancestrial Recall and Cabelas for a tremendous effort and a job well done!

King Vinegaroon Evaporated!

Paimeii-Cabelas, Feb 28, 09 11:25 PM.
Really nice job team claiming 3 KV's and getting 2 heavy shells and 2 Aces Helms in 1 week. Allegiance with Ancestrial Recall to broaden the hours in which we can camp for the obsessently long windowed NM's is paying off in grand style. Congratulations to both Rofellos and Coolranch for obtaining Heavy Shells and also to Tresserhorn and Coolranch for obtaining Aces Helms. Great job by both shells!!

2 Aspidochelones 1 week!

Paimeii-Cabelas, Feb 28, 09 11:21 PM.
 Congratulations Cableas for sinking 2 Aspidochelones on one week! Friday nights Aspi was netted in a valley full of on lookers, and short of a slow start was a great snag and kill. 6 days later and an empty early morning valley led into our 2nd Aspi of the week!! Congratulations Lilunyel and Lilyher for both obtaining the 2nd of 3 Blackbelt items, and especially to Beluphoria and Chanii who both obtained Dalmaticas!!!

Wyrm King Astonished!

Paimeii-Cabelas, Jan 19, 09 3:13 PM.
 2/2 sunday on Bahamut version 2. A nearly dissapointing fight proving to be no harder then version 1. The first fight went as planned with Bahamut only managing 1 gigaflare and no smns. The 2nd fight was amazing ending in only 28 seconds with no moves from Bahamut and 0 damage taken in the alliance. Congratulations Coolranch for getting Bahamuts Zahgnal and to Jaygo for obtaining Bahamuts Hose. Thank you everyone also , for the Bahamuts Staff. 2 excellent fights with more on the way!!

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